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Michael Pezua
Email: mpezua@unitedperfumes.com
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Miami, FL USA

Yessika Valbuena
Email: yvalbuena@unitedperfumes.com
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Miami, FL USA

Delsy Diaz
Email: ddiaz@unitedperfumes.com
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Miami, FL USA

Jose Reyes
Email: jreyes@unitedperfumes.com
 Whatsapp +1786-818-5528
Miami, FL USA

Luis Suarez
Email: lsuarez@unitedperfumes.com
Office Line 305-224-8107
Miami, FL USA

Priscila Ortega
Email: portega@unitedperfumes.com
 Whatsapp +57 320 6349073

Janeth Diaz
Email: jdiaz@unitedperfumes.com
 Whatsapp +57 321 5807987

Nazli Escobar
Email: nescobar@unitedperfumes.com
 Whatsapp +57 310 3760749

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