Shipping Questions

Who is responsible for bringing the merchandise through customs?
The shipping company will be responsible for bringing any orders through customs, but you are ultimately responsible for the payment of any tariffs or import fees.
Do you ship anywhere within the USA?
The United States is our main market, all U.S. orders will be shipped out by UPS Ground. We will add the shipping cost to your invoice. Orders are shipped UPS Ground from our warehouse located in Miami, Florida. Below is transit time base on the state you are located


What shipping company do you use to ship orders

We use mostly use UPS Ground to ship orders within USA. As for orders shipped through UPS is base on our UPS shipping rate, which is calculated base on weight and box dimension.

As for freight cargo companies located within 10 minutes max away from us, we ship them through a local delivery service, which we charge a Flat Fee of $15.00

Picture of your Order

Once your order is ready we will send you a picture of it, so you can proceed with payment. All orders are shipped in double wall Boxes. Once payment is received we will ship your order and also send you the Tracking Number.


united-perfumes-box-1-.jpg  untied-perfumes-box-2.jpg

Approximate weights for our Products

Perfumes 100ML ( 3.4 Ounces ) 
As for perfumes of 100ML weight between 0.5 pounds to 0.9 pounds since it depend on the bottle packaging, we suggest our customer to use 0.8 pounds as an average weight weight  Example; 20 perfumes of 100ML will weight approximate 16 pounds
Perfumes Gift Sets 
Gifts Sets usually carry 2 pc, 3 pc and up to 4 pc of items  Approximate weight is between 1.80 pounds to 2.20 pounds, we suggest our customer to use 2 pounds as an average to weight the gift sets. Example 10 Gift Sets would have a total weight of 20 pounds approximate.
Body Mist of  240ML ( 8.0 Ounces ) 
All Body Mist have a weight of 0.60 Pounds, the reason is that they have a plastic bottle packaging, which make it have a lighter weight. Example 24 Body Mist have a 15.6 pounds approximate weight

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