Perfumes Questions

Do you carry Chanel or Victoria Secret
Sorry we don't carry Chanel or Victoria Secret, those two brands don't provide license to distribute their brands, They only sell their brands through retail channels.
What are the Fragrance Abbreviations?
EDT: Eau de Toilette
EDP: Eau de Parfum
Col: Cologne
C/S: Cologne Spray
Sp: Spray
B/L: Body Lotion
Bdy: Body
B/P: Body Powder
Why does fragrance contain alcohol?
Alcohol makes the fragrance emanate from your skin and brings out the notes. It helps keep the ingredients blended together, and as it evaporates it lifts the scents into the air. Without alcohol, you would be the only person who knew you were wearing any fragrance at all. 
Why do some fragrances seem to last much longer than others?
If you find yourself asking "Why doesn't my perfume last?" the answer may be in your skin. People with dry skin usually find their perfume or fragrance fading faster than those with oily skin because oily skin has more natural moisture to hold in the fragrance.

PH levels (amount of acidity in our skin) vary slightly from person to person. Our individual levels of PH will determine how each ingredient in a fragrance will react and last. Fragrance holding time can also be affected by the concentration of the scent. Those with higher concentrations will retain their aroma much longer.

How do I know if a perfume is Original?

1) One of the ways to verify if the perfume is original, all our perfumes bring a UPC, which is the bar code number, that belongs to the manufacturer and you can verify its authenticity with that code. Example:The following UPC for the following perfumes is 3349666007921, you may check on the follow link the product information




2) Another way is in the box, if there are spelling errors or difference on the packaging that indicates that the perfume you have can be replicated, the original perfumes have no spelling mistake

Left side is Dior Jadore Original, and the Right side is a Fake Perfumes


3) Finally if the price difference is much of the market price that is an alert that the perfume is not original

Are all the perfumes Original
We only sell authentic designers fragrances, all our perfumes are 100% Original. Our main focus is do long term business with all our customers.
How to convert Ounces to Milliliters ? 
Below chart will show the equivalent of Ounces to Milliliters 
Ounces  Milliliters
1.7 OZ 50ML
2.0 OZ 60ML
2.5 OZ 75ML
2.7 OZ 80ML
3.0 OZ 90ML
3.4 OZ 100ML
4.2 OZ 125ML
5.1 OZ. 150ML
6.8 OZ. 200ML
8.0 OZ. 240ML
Check batch code and expiration date on perfumes
Yes, perfume and cologne do go bad. However, how long they last depends on the scent’s chemical composition. Many perfumes don’t have a hard-and-fast expiration. On average three to five years is the average shelf life of a fragrance. You may check the batch code and expiration date on the following page

Example the below perfumes has a batch code of 38r003X 

check-batch-code-perfumes.jpg check-batch-code-perfumes-5.jpg
Difference of All Perfumes Types?
You may see the abbreviation in the description of each perfume we offer, that will show the type of perfume which it belongs. All perfumes come in the following types. EDT is the most commercial and most sold type of Fragrance, the usual EDP are for more expensive perfumes
EDT: Eau de Toilette
EDP: Eau de Parfum
Col: Cologne
C/S: Cologne Spray
Sp: Spray


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